Day 1 Five problems with social media

1 Trolls, they range from body shammers to racists.

2 Some times we forget to call people who matter to us because we are so carried away by the latest trends, yunnow. I know I do.

3 Most of us have no social life outside social media. I know I don’t.

4 Fraud.

5 Things are not always as they seem.

Day 13 – Death

I stood behind the clergyman while he recited the prayer.

I looked at my parents, my family.

My best friend.

They couldn’t see me.

“Mom, look at me, stop crying, I’m fine”

She couldn’t hear me, she looked right through me.

I didn’t understand why they were crying, I was ok.

I looked at the coffin and the body in it.

She looked like me, but that wasn’t me.

There was no smile on her face.

She looked empty.

Even with the make-up on her face, she looked drained, she had no life in her.

I couldn’t be dead, I thought.


I was okay.

I touched my mom, but I went right through her.

She couldn’t see me, couldn’t feel me.

I looked at the coffin again.

I was gone from that world.

I found it kind of funny, I found it kind of sad.

Day 10 – Feminism

Feminism is equal rights for both genders, right?

Male and female can never be equal in everything.

Someone said, “many dare to raise daughters as sons, but dare to not raise sons as daughters”. Let that sink in.

Many people are feminists only when it comes to the corporate world. You want equal job opportunities for both genders, okay.

What about the little things that we see everyday, in school, at home.

When you walk up to a tomboy, you think she’s cool, you don’t accuse her of being gay, you think her hairstyle is cool, you think she’s being expressive, you think she’s unique.

When you walk up to a guy who talks like a girl and makes feminine gestures, your conclusion “he’s gay”.

When a woman is raped, everyone suddenly becomes an e-therapist, a human rights activist, which is good.

When a man is raped, if he comes out and reports, nobody takes him serious because they believe he “enjoyed it”. Is that gender equality?

Men can’t be violent, but a violent woman is “feisty”, right!

Think about it.

Gender equality is impossible, and we have to accept it.

Let us embrace gender equity – being fair. Let us treat both genders according to their natural, inbuilt capabilities.

Feminism isn’t the solution to sexism if that’s what you think.

If you believe in gender equality so much, the next time you see a bad vehicle and people trying to push, walk up to them, help them push. Don’t leave it for the men.

Day 9 – Sacrifice

Sacrifice has never taken place without love. Think about it.

It’s voluntary.

It’s selfless.

That moment when a pregnant woman is told that they can only save either or her child, and she chooses her child in less than a heart beat.

That moment when, in a struggling family, the older sibling decides to starve just so the younger ones can eat.

That moment when a person takes the blame for something they didn’t do, just to protect someone else.

That moment when a parent is willing to sell or he has to pay for a child’s medical treatment.

Sacrifice isn’t a duty, it’s love applied.

Day 8 – Music

Music, the one thing amongst others that unites people irrespective of their religion, tribe, traditions, age or race.

What’s music to you?

What kind of music do you like, listen to?

Music is art.

Music goes beyond the lyrics of a song.

Ever listened to an instrumental and felt something?